My calling is as a ‘healer of the soul’ – the true meaning of ‘psychotherapy’. Healing takes place in a number of spaces – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual. And all of this not only within the individual themselves but of course also within their families, communities and cultures. Whilst I can’t predict what ‘healing’ will look like for you in your unique context, I do have over thirty years of training across all four of these realms (amongst others) and a diverse set of life experiences, both personally and within my work settings, that have presented me with endless opportunities to develop, practice and hone my abilities. If you choose to work with me I will be with you in whatever you’re facing in your life in a professional and yet profoundly personal way, walking alongside you, deeply listening and reflecting, supporting and guiding you through whatever past or present circumstance brings you to me.

As a fully qualified analytic psychotherapist I have the professional understanding to hold your situation with the clarity, focus and confidentiality you deserve. My other trainings enable me to work in a unique way that seems to bring people ‘home’ to themselves and make sense of whatever disconnection and distress they are experiencing. The point is making enough sense of the ‘what’s happened’ to be able to integrate and create a way of being that works for you in your world.

I look forward to meeting you, either in person if you are located in Perth, Western Australia, or virtually if you are elsewhere in the state, country or world. Let’s find a way to work together to support you in creating a life that is forward-facing and meets your deepest needs.