Hi, I’m Ros Bowyer

Analytic Psychotherapist

Apart from some international conferences and training, I have been in Perth working in the fascinating area of mental wellbeing for over 30 years, of more recent times pursuing a lifelong interest in intimacy and sexuality. As well as mainstream university education in mental health, I have explored and studied diverse aspects of the human experience from tantric spirituality to ontology (the nature of being) and much in between. My approach is holistic and tailored to your needs.

You can trust me to be non-judgemental and open to diversity; I have experienced a rich tapestry of the human condition. As well as my private clients, my career has spanned clinical practice in government and private settings, hospital and community;  education, training and project management. I have worked as a qualified psychotherapist specialising in supporting people through the most confronting of life’s events; trauma, life transitions, starting/ ending intimate relationships, moving between life stages, retirement and even death.

I am deeply committed to challenging and reducing the stigma that can be experienced with being, or feeling, different, whether this be physically or psychologically.  I understand the mental distress that can sometimes underlie or accompany this experience of difference. Knowing how to most usefully support people is greatly assisted by my engagement in mental health communities not only locally but also nationally and internationally

My academic qualifications are as follows:
• Graduate Diploma Analytic Psychotherapy
• Post Graduate Diploma Mental Health Nursing (Registration)
• Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
• Cert IV Training & Assessment